Me recently.

It’s been a super long time I haven’t update this place, due to my super super busy schedule. Time is limited, but I have to balance between studying, working and spending time with my beloved ones. Seems to much for a person. Too much for a day of 24 hour.

The moment I sit still and type these lines, I have 2 standees need to be edited, a website need to be coded, and interface of app’s login screen need to be designed. I think it’s impossible to finish all of those within this tonight, but I will try to deal with 2/3 of that workload. If there’s God which really exists, hope he will bless me not to give up my consciousness as I am fucking sleepy right now, as if I may fall down and sleep anytime anywhere in case my body can’t suffer anymore.

I don’t know why I am writing this, it is not about Se Hun, it is not an excuse of why I abandoned/gave up on making fan arts, no rather than releasing my stress. I really really terribly miss Oh Se Hun. Haven’t updated about him for a long time – 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or longer, I don’t even remember. I didn’t know what he was doing the entire time, where did he go or how did he look over the pass few months. Until today I by chance saw a fan cam of him on Facebook, showing how mature and handsome he becomes, even more wonderful than the Oh Se Hun in my memory. That moment, I realized how much I miss him, how passionately I desire a chance of seeing him one more time. As usual, every time I miss him unspeakably, I always let my hand and my pens tell my heart instead. This time, I just can give some words to calm this feeling down.

And this is also an apology to all who supported me and my fan arts. Sometimes, people asked me if I still do the drawings and comics, some said they miss reading my stories of baby Hun, but what I return them was just a disappointment since I could not fulfill their wish. I am striving hard and surely one day I will comeback stronger and harder, to once again bring people weirdly cute fan arts and drawings about my beloved boy. You have my words, you know I will do.


[fanart][comic] Banana

 Actually I got the idea for this comic since last July but was too busy shaping ideas into visuality. Until Exoluxion Sehun picked up and played a Minion backpack that I realised it is the time.

[fanart][comic] Hunhun the guardian


Nếu xem Vapp của Suho cái mới nhất, chắc ai cũng nhận ra cảm hứng mình vẽ nên truyện này. Là có những thành phần anti post cmt không tốt lên vapp, Hun đọc thấy hết, lo lắng cho anh nên nhắn nhủ anh đừng đọc những thứ đó; còn biết khen anh vui tính hài hước – dù thực sự anh nhạt nhẽo như gì.

Thích, không phải như người bạn trai như vô số cô gái khác, mà thích cậu ấy như một thằng em trai, dẫu to đùng ngã ngửa nhưng với bà chị ấy vẫn chỉ bé tẹo như cục kẹo. Các ông anh trai bà chị chứng kiến em mình lớn lên chỉ sợ nó nhiều bạn bè mà không thèm đến mình nữa, nhưng với Hun cảm giác dù có dựng vợ gả chồng đi nữa, trong lòng cậu ấy vẫn luôn có vị trí dành cho mình, không khoa trương mà là âm thầm quan tâm, âm thầm bảo vệ.

Mọi người nhìn vào chỉ thấy mình fangirl Hun là một thằng Hàn quốc đẹp trai nào đó, nhưng thứ khiến mình lỡ trân quý không phải là cái mặt tiền, mà là nhân cách người ấy. Cái việc hôm vapp qua mấy ngày, mình không xem, nhưng đọc lại lời kể của mọi người chỉ thấy trong lòng thật ấm nóng. Mọi người vẫn bảo EXO may mắn vì có Suho, nhưng mình lại bảo, có được Sehun cũng là niềm may mắn của EXO vậy, có em nhỏ nào tuổi nhỏ mà lại quên mất phận sự của em nhỏ là phải được nhận thật nhiều yêu thương bảo vệ mà quản luôn chuyện của các anh lớn như thế không? Sehun là độc nhất vô nhị, có cho chọn lại cả ngàn lần, ngày ấy xem Ẽxo Showtime, chị cũng sẽ vẫn chọn đứa bé tóc vàng bổ luống mặt nhăn như khỉ ăn ớt ấy.

If people watched Suho’s vapp few days ago ( I dont remember exactly) will understand my intention and meaning I want to convey. That day when Suho was on vapp, there were some anti-fan left anti comments on vapp, Suho might not pay much attention to them – he was too concentrating on making his show, but it was Sehun whom watching Suho from beginning to the end closely and sincerely. He founds lots of bad comments about Suho and EXO, on the phone, he asked if Suho had read them to make sure he didnt het hurt. When Sehun got to know Suho didnt read anythihg at all, he immediately suggestd Suho not to read such kind of trashes, and didnt forget to praise Suho for his funny character but actually Suho’s vapp show couldnt be more boring.

Sehun once said, EXO is his family, therefore, dont be too surprised or questioned of his protectiveness towards his hyungs. 

So I say, Sehun has both apperance and personality, is one of a kind in this world. 5 or 10 or 20 more years, I dont think I will be able to get over him. The most perfect and complete human being I have ever known. The one and only in the world that I want so bad.

[fanart][comic] lets eat

|| Sehun x Chanyeol x D.O/Kyungsoo ||

Been a long time! I started my new job and joined 2 courses, 1 is Korean and 1 is Design. My working day usually ends at around 8 or 9PM and I honestly sometimes want to suicide with such tight schedule, but to think about it, that was my choice, and studying is fun in return. Okay, so I guess I will live this way at least till May next year then finding my new step. Cheers!

I’ve got lots of comic and drawing ideas and the only thing I need is time to finish all of them @@ if I had supernatural, I definitely would take advantage of such power to turn a 24-hour-day into 48-hour-day, well fit those workaholic type just like me lol.